As the introduction to Loch Lomond begins, I'd like to welcome you to my website.

   I hope you enjoy the various audio clips and will keep an eye what I'm up to.

Scroll down for concert dates and watch me with Chilip Pipers and BBCSSO at Proms in the Park. 

  The exciting news is my solo debut album '
Inspirations' is available online! 


I'm delighted to be supporting Epilepsy Scotland and all the wonderful work they do to reach so many people who are affected by this debilitating condition.
Ap jamie31

Queen's Hall Concert Series

 —  —

Queen's Hall, Edinburgh

BBC Radio 3 broadcast of Edinburgh International Recital series from Queen's Hall


Songs from the Movies

Aros Centre, Skye

Jamie MacDougall and Helen Lothian sing the songs from the Silver Screen


Haddo Arts Festival

Haddo House

Mozart Requiem


Haddo Arts Festival

Haddo House

A programme of arias and songs....

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